These are simple instructions on how to remove those annoying green advertising words that look something like this (you may know them by the name of 'Text Enhance" - when you put your mouse over the green words, an advertisement box pops up):

What is Text Enhance, how did it get in to my web browser and how can I remove it from my browser?

What is it:  
Advertising spam brought to you by a company called Text Enhance in partnership with Vuze bittorrent software.

How did it get on my browser: 
You installed a bittorrent program called Vuze and in doing so, also installed a toolbar plug-in for Firefox/Mozilla. 

How can I remove it:
This is a very simple fix.  All you have to do is remove the Vuze plug-in from within your Firefox browser.  You DO NOT have to remove Vuze from your computer.  You DO NOT need to uninstall software!  Simply open up your Firefox browser and select 'Tools' from along the top menu.  Then go down to 'Add-ons'.  Then select 'Plug-ins' and locate the plug-in labeled 'VUZE' and select remove.  Restart Firefox and you will never see those annoying 'green words again'.